Poor Man’s Dylan

Der perfekte Song fürs erste Posting. Wenn man so mit Gitarre vor dem Bauch und einer Mundharmonika um den Hals vor Leuten steht, ist die Frage nicht fern.

Poor Man’s Dylan or Donovan’s evil twin
I don’t care as long as you sing American Pie
Sound Of Silence, Blowing In The Wind
Big Yellow Taxi and I’m On The Road Again
Stop talking, play American Pie

Please don’t waste my precious time
I like what I Know and I know what I like
American Pie is fine

You got your troubles and I got mine
I won’t laugh and you won’t see me cry
Time’s on my side (yes it is)

Drive My Car in 65
Bad Moon Rising that was 69
You see, time’s on my side

So will you please do what you’re told
I know what I like and I like what I know
Shut up and play Heart Of Gold

Play something borrowed, play something blue
Play something old, but don’t play anything new
Well, play some U2

Play something I can sing along to
Won’t you play Baby Blue or
Maybe Love Me Do

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