Theory Of Chaos

Wenn der Sturm nur lange genug über eine Müllkippe geht, ensteht irgendwann ganz zwangsläufig ein Spaceshuttle. Wenn man eine beliebige Anzahl Affen an Schreibmaschinen setzt, werden sie irgendwann „Krieg und Frieden“ geschrieben haben.

Das lehrt die Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung.

Die eigene überschaubare Erfahrung lehrt anderes. Und trotzdem passieren immerwieder ganz erstaunliche Dinge.

Theroy Of Chaos

Summer’s dust became autum’s mud and then winter’s snow covered it
He slipped and fell and the he thought “Elements are relevant for every move you make
Every move you make
With a bruised nose and a dirty coat he thougt “Some of us should the the bus”
Hey bus driver keep the change, bless your children, give them names,
You’ve got to give them names

Still the monkeys dissagree about “War and Peace”

She smiled as the train pulled in “Everytown I move to has a funny name”
A paradox of these modern days is you spend the longest time on the shortest ways
On the shortest of ways
Pay your fee than if you must, just to ride on a heap of rust
Some speed up and some slow down and every song you sing moves at the speed of sound
At the speed of sound

Still the monkeys dissagree about “War and Peace”

People part and people meet in the park and on the street
Some they glimpse and some they smile and some they take a seat and then just say hi
Just say hi
Incident or accident or karma or God’s will, everyday the universe is expanding still
Incident or accident or karma or God’s will, everyday’s universe is expanding still
Expanding still

Still the monkeys dissagree about “War and Peace”
Tonight the butterfly says “No. I won’t let it blow”
And the planet’s on its spin, no whatter what we think


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