Gute Nacht, Jimbob!

Es gibt sie, die Unweckbaren.


The Ever Sleeping Man

To get on your walking boots you’ve got to get out of bed
To walk down any road you’ve got to take a first step
But you turn around and close your yes while outside the world goes by

Get up, get up, your train is leaving
Get up, get up, and you’re still sleeping
Get up, get up, she won’t be waiting all day long for you

No matter what season or time of the day, it won’t make you rise
And whatever changes there’ll be, they won’t be in your time
You should see, hear, smell, touch, taste but you sleep your day away

Get up, get up….

This is the strange phenomenon of the ever sleeping man.

I wish for just one day I could be you
Peaceful sleep is all you need and sweet dreams, too
The chance is very small so you will hear me call

Get up, get up


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