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Sweet Water

Posted in Allgemein, Songs on 23. Mai 2013 by oldjoeclarke

Ein Song, den wir 2002 mit der Band für unsere Cd „One More“ bereits in einer schönen akustischen Version aufgenommen haben, wollte nocheinmal gespielt werden. Und zwar in Cinemascope.

When there was thunder in the valley
I spied a fire on the hill
And when the air was clear again
The light was shining still

And high upon the mountain top
I found water all around
Following the river’s course
I knew where I was bound

Falling as rain
Rising as steam
Resting as a pond
Moving as a stream

Sweet water
Sweet water is going to carry me home

Brother take my walking cane
And put it down in the ground
I’ve been walking many roads
Now I feel like settling down

I’ll sit on my front porch rocking chair
And I’ll hum a simple tune
And I’ll praise the river wide
That led me back to you

Falling as rain…